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Secret Pal 3--Button Contest! [Oct. 13th, 2006|02:28 pm]
Secret Pals on LJ 2


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Hello dear members of secretpal_lj2! I am one of the new mods for secretpal_lj3. The other mods and I are hard at work planning the next installment of Secret Pal on Livejournal. We hope that all of you will join us for the swap, which will officially start on November 1. Look for more information appearing on the community soon. Information about the start of the swap will be posted here and on secretpal_lj3 in the coming days and weeks. We've decided to have a button contest as a fun activity before the swap actually starts. So make a button advertising secretpal_lj3 and get excited!

Rules are as follows and may be changed at the discretion of the mods.
- Submission deadline is Monday, October 23, 2006 at 9 a.m..
- You may submit as many buttons as you want.
- Buttons must be no larger than 227x102 pixels.
- Make sure that the photos you use do not violate copyright. This means that you need to either use your own photos or photos from a stock photo site such as Getty Images.
- No hotlinking. Have to put that out there just in case.
- Winner(s) will be announced by Tuesday morning, October 24th in this community.
- If you win, you will be featured in the community's userinfo as the "official" promo button! Depending on how many entries we get, the mods may decide to put a few more in the userinfo so people can see them and have different buttons to chose from as they promote the community.
- E-mail your button(s) to me, Amanda, at ladyeowynofnj (at) gmail (dot) com by the deadline.

Here is the button that I made, if you need ideas. If you're not into making graphics, feel free to use it to promote secretpal_lj3 anywhere you want! (Make sure to upload to your own server! This goes along with the "no hotlinking" rule.) Make sure that promoting is allowed in the community that you plan to post to. The mods are planning to promote in several knitting communities, so make sure that you don't promote if we've already posted...nobody wants a community flooded with repetitive posts.

We're getting so excited for the start of the swap! Keep watching this community and secretpal_lj3 for more information to go up soon. In the meantime, why not make a button or two?